Learn more about who knows the bride’s best game and prosecco pong

Learn more about who knows the bride’s best game and prosecco pong post thumbnail image

If you plan a party and do not know the type of game to play, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with the two hen party games that will make your day.
The first type of hen party game you should play is the who knows the bride best game. This type of game is perfect for those with the best sentimental vibes. However, each of the players can play the game. The latter type of game is one of the best icebreakers that will get the chat flowing with all the hens once the answer is revealed. The hen party will be given a question sheet to play the game, which they will complete. Understandably, make sure that the template has around 10 – 15 questions. You will proceed to swap the answers with someone else as you go. This type of game comes with more fun than just the party.
The second type of hen party games is prosecco pong. Think of it as one of the classy hen party ideas that both men and women would love. It, therefore, means that if you have a man who is not interested in the baby shower thing, this would be a better type of game to get her started. In creating the game, you will pick 12 cups and plastic glasses with a few ping-pong balls.
You will need to split the hen party game into two teams and then set up your table with six glasses on each end to play the game. Take turns throwing the pink ping-pong ball into your opponents’ prosecco glasses.
Choosing to play these two types of games will provide you with the most exciting party ever. The good news is that today, you will be able to get many inspirations by playing the different types of games.

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