Skagboys Entertainment Last Chance for Redemption: Who Will Survive BB VIP Kosova?

Last Chance for Redemption: Who Will Survive BB VIP Kosova?

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The Big Brother Kosova VIP champ will likely be introduced in a few weeks. This year’s show edition has been hotly contested, with lots of housemates offering their all to win the lavish winning prize. So, who would be the lucky man or woman to take home the crown?

The 3 Participants

3 contestants are jogging to the label of Klan Kosova Live victor. These are:


Albulena has been a solid player and is situated in very first location throughout the season. She carries a sound societal online game and it is good at events. Her biggest obstacle will probably be genuine the jury to vote for someone more. Some jurors might not like her competitive gameplay but could decide to vote for an individual else.


Erion is second location and possesses the perfect potential for winning. He is a proper player, and he is able to kind alliances with both sides of the property. He is also great at competitions, which supplies him another advantage. Even so, he may are making some foes in the process, that may injured him.


Ardita is at 3rd place now, but she continues to have an opportunity of succeeding. She actually is a strong contender and earned the past Mind of Household competitors. Nevertheless, her interpersonal game will not be as strong as being the other two participants, which could harm her.

The Faves

According to bookmakers, Valdrin may be the current preferred to earn the show. He has become a solid performer throughout and it has earned numerous challenges. Even so, Driton is really a robust contender, it is therefore still anyone’s game.

The Challenges

So far inside the levels of competition, the housemates have experienced several challenges. These obstacles have tested their mental and physical expertise, along with their teamwork skills. The ultimate challenge will probably be no various and demand contestants to operate together to acquire.

Bottom line:

So, who will be crowned the champ of Big Brother VIP Kosova? Only time will inform. Tune within the ultimate episode to discover!

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