Skagboys Service What are the benefits of using soft wash chemicals?

What are the benefits of using soft wash chemicals?

What are the benefits of using soft wash chemicals? post thumbnail image
While pressure washing trucks can offer mobility, there are many disadvantages. A pressure washing trailer is portable and less likely to be stolen, as a truck’s storage space is limited. Besides, it may be easier to steal a trailer compared to a pressure washing truck. However, there are some benefits of a trailer. Let’s look at each. This article will outline some of them. But which is the best pressure washing option for you? A Pressure Washing Trailer must have a large water tank and chemical tanks, as different surfaces require different chemical solutions. It should also have lockable storage and access to tools. Full size wheels are a must, as they will reduce the risk of getting stuck. And don’t forget to buy a spare tire, so you’ll be able to drive it anywhere you need to go. The last consideration is whether you have enough space to maneuver the trailer. One option is to build a pressure washing trailer from scratch. However, this option is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to customize. Buying one that has a professional-grade pressure washing trailer is another option. These trailers are available at industrial supply stores. You can either search for them online or in the Yellow Pages for locations near you. If you’re unable to find a local store that carries pressure washing trailers, you can try searching for them by using Google or an online search. Compared to truck-mounted pressure washing rigs, trailer-mounted units are easier to secure and to use. They are also easier to tow and can be attached to a vehicle. It’s a good option for a traveling business or one that is growing. A pressure washing trailer can save you a ton of money over time by reducing your overhead and increasing your income. You’ll save on fuel costs, reduce insurance, and even save on the installation of the equipment. Any professional detailer would benefit tremendously from making the investment in a pressure washing trailer. These units come outfitted with a Honda GX200 commercial engine and a CAT Industrial triple plunger 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM pump, all of which are ideal for use in mobile detailing applications. In addition, these kits come with a high-pressure hose that is three feet long and five nozzle tips that are quick connect. A pressure washer, a water tank, plus a work platform may all fit on a trailer that is seven feet in length. A pressure washing trailer can be purchased for approximately $2,500. You will be able to get started in the business with the help of the appropriate equipment if you make this modest investment. You might anticipate earning anything from $30,000 to $60,000 per year in salary. Keep in mind, however, that setting up a pressure washing trailer will require some time and effort on your part. If you are just getting started, the gas pressure washers that Simpson Cleaning sells start at approximately $3,500 for the most cost-effective models. This organisational structure is perfect for a business that is just getting off the ground and making its first moves.

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