What are some of the most important elements of a plastic surgery consultation?

What are some of the most important elements of a plastic surgery consultation? post thumbnail image

If you are thinking about plastic surgery, the first important move is to find the best plastic surgeon to work with. There are many plastic surgeons out there but not all of them may be right for the type of surgery you want. To find the best plastic surgeon, you need to arrange for a consultation. The consultation session is the best opportunity to learn whether you are comfortable around your surgeon and know more about their experience, philosophies, and expectations. You will also know about their style and the options that you have through consultation. There are important elements that you should be looking for during consultation. Here are some of them
Credentials of the surgeon
You should never fail to ask and check the credentials of a plastic surgeon while in the consultation room. A surgeon who is certified, experienced, and good at the surgery will openly answer any possible question that you may have. There are some important questions that you should never fail to ask the surgeon such as where they were educated, where the surgeon completed training, board certification, and years of experience that they have. A good example of a doctor who is known for honestly answering all patient’s questions is Dr Leonard Hochstein.
Surgical facility’s quality
When you go for a consultation, you should never fail to check the quality of the surgical facility. Regardless of where the procedure will take place, you have to make sure that it is an accredited facility. This is important to ensure that all the standards and rules are adhered to. Therefore, you should never fail to ask about the accreditation of a facility before agreeing on having a procedure done on you.
The risks
Before any surgical procedure is done on you, you must first know the risks involved and how you can benefit from it. The doctor should clearly explain this to avoid any complications and blame games.

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