Skagboys Service Protective Surveillance Tactics and Techniques for High-Profile Individuals

Protective Surveillance Tactics and Techniques for High-Profile Individuals

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You will find lawful effects in every little thing we all do, and the function of executive protection is no exception to this rule. The most prevalent authorized matter that occurs in our line of work is civil accountability. Civil culpability ensures that someone can sue us for something we do or didn’t do while at work. For example, when we have been employed as a bodyguard for the VIP and so they have been infected, the VIP could sue us for not guarding them effectively. Likewise, if we were working as a car owner and received into a car accident, the individuals within the other vehicle could sue us for neglect. In relation to executive protection, it’s essential to be aware of the potential for civil liability to ensure that we could take measures to protect yourself from it.

Kinds of Civil Culpability

You can find four primary kinds of civil culpability that we need to have to be aware of: injury, residence harm, slander/libel, and attack of level of privacy.

Accidental Injury:

This is basically the most everyday sort of civil liability in Pacific West Academy. It might come up from anything from a slip and drop with a client’s house to a car crash while on-the-job. When you are working as an executive protection agent and somebody is injured because of your steps (or inaction), you could be organised responsible.

Property Problems:

This particular civil responsibility may appear when you are employed as a bodyguard or vehicle driver and also you harm your client’s house (e.g., their automobile). It may also happen should you be working in an celebration so you harm the venue’s property (e.g., a table).


If you make any bogus records relating to your consumer that damage their standing, you can be charged for defamation of persona. This type of civil responsibility is more common with on the internet executive protection operate, such as when agencies post concerning their clients on social websites with out their authorization.

Attack of Level of privacy:

In the event you violate your client’s ability to level of privacy, you may be organised liable. This sort of civil accountability can occur in many different ways, such like you consider photographs or video clips of your own customer without the need of their approval or maybe you share private specifics of them with out their authorization.

Staying away from Civil Responsibility

Seeing that we’ve eliminated over several of the ways that civil responsibility can come up in executive protection job, let’s speak about how you can stay away from it. The easiest way to stay away from civil culpability is to experience a strong comprehension of what the law states and make certain you usually run within the bounds from the rules. Moreover, it’s crucial that you have very good insurance policies and procedures in position to ensure that everyone understands exactly what is anticipated of which and whatever they must do if something goes wrong. Eventually, possessing insurance plan is always a good strategy in the event that something does take place and you also are prosecuted.


Executive protection agencies need to have to be familiar with the potential of civil responsibility so that they can take steps to protect yourself from it. There are four major varieties of civil liability: accidental injuries, home harm, slander/libel, and invasion of personal privacy. The easiest way to stay away from civil liability is to get a sound knowledge of legal requirements and make certain you always operate throughout the range of your law. Moreover, it’s essential to have good plans and procedures into position so that we all know what is predicted of these and anything they should do if one thing goes wrong. Eventually, having insurance coverage is always a good strategy in the event something does occur so you are charged.

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