Skagboys General JD Mattera – Entrepreneurship is More than Just a Job

JD Mattera – Entrepreneurship is More than Just a Job

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Startup entrepreneur creating a business is both empowering and challenging. There are tools to help you think through your steps, know where to start and simplify your process. Start your own business, build an e-commerce store, or sell your products online.

The entrepreneur like JD Mattera is someone that believes in their potential and has the drive to see it through. An entrepreneur is not only willing to take risks, they aren’t afraid of failing. Entrepreneurs are a special breed of people. They see things ordinary people don’t see, and they do things ordinary people never dreamed of doing.

The entrepreneur is an individual like JD Mattera who creates opportunities on behalf of a business. Entrepreneurship is the process of creating new businesses, ideas and products. It is the practice of starting a business and leading it to profitability.

Unafraid to Try New Ideas and Concepts

An entrepreneur is a driven, resourceful and motivated person who is looking for opportunities to build his or her business that is both profitable and sustainable. They are builders, creators, and leaders. They’re self-starters who create something out of nothing, often at great risk.

Find the courage to love yourself, start a business & be your biggest cheerleader. Once upon a time, there was a person who tried lots of things and failed miserably. Then he found something he loved to do and started to get good at it. One day, people started to notice what he did and they asked him how they could do the same thing. He told them – but only if they were willing to work hard at it every day. He told them that this would be a rewarding job but also one with its own challenges. They said yes, we want that! But wait, what should I call myself?

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